Grossraumlastenseglergruppe Me 321

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Grossraumlastenseglergruppe Me 321

Code (W2 + )

Formed June 1941 at Obertraubling as the initial operational unit for the new Me 321 large capacity cargo/transport glider with a Stab and 3 Staffeln of 6 Me 321's each, and 3 Staffeln of 12 Bf 110 tow aircraft each. A few weeks later the 6 Staffeln were ге- organized into 4 Sonderstaffeln (G.S.), each with 5 Me 321's and 15 Bf 110C glider tugs. The Staffeln, (G.S.) 1, 2, 4 and 22, were operationally independent of one another. The Gruppe was disbanded in December 1941, but two of the Staffeln remained in service.

Commanding Officers

Oberst Friedrich Morzik (5/41 - 10/41)


Obertraubling/SE Regensburg (6/41 - )

Sources: Wm. Green, Warplanes of the Third Reich, pp.647-48.

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