Gruppenfliegerstab 10

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Gruppenfliegerstab 10 (Unit Code: none assigned)

Formation and History. (Mar 41 - Apr 42)

Formed about late March or early April 1941 for the attack on the Soviet Union that began on 22 June 1941.[1]

Poland, Central Russia and Germany. (Jun 41 - Apr 42)

18.6.41: E Poland between Siedlce and Brest-Litovsk under Koluft/Panzergruppe 2 belonging to Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Center) - assigned to support XXIV. Panzerkorps along line of advance Brest-Litovsk - Minsk - Smolensk - Kiev - Bryansk.

6.7.41: Stab at Bortniki/25 km E of Bobruisk under Koluft Pz.Gr. 2 with: 9.(H)/LG 2, 7.(H)/32 and 6.(H)/41.

11.8.41: at Milostslavichi/Belorussia under Koluft Pz.Gr. 2 in tactical support of XXIV. Panzerkorps.

1.11.41: Stab ordered to return to Germany from Central Russia, but no reason given or when (or if) the order was complied with. As the winter weather set in along the front in Russia, many Luftwaffe units were ordered back to Germany to rest and refit.

19.4.42: renamed Stab/Nahaufklärungsgruppe 4 on or about this date.

FpN: (L 16147)


Maj. Günther Börner (?) (  ? -  ? ) 8/41

Maj. Hans-Günther von Obernitz (  ? -  ? ) 1/42

© H.L. deZeng IV, 2021

Aufklärungsgruppe 10


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