Gruppenfliegerstab 11

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Formed about late March or early April 1941 for the attack on the Soviet Union that began on 22 June 1941.[1]

Central and South Russia. (Jun 41 - Apr 42)

18.6.41: NE Poland under Koluft Panzergruppe 3/Army Group Center - assigned to support XXXIX. Armeekorps (mot.), which was a Panzerkorps but not officially so named until summer 1942, along a line of advance from Bialystok/NE Poland - Vilnius/Lithuania - Vitebsk area - Smolensk.

6.7.41: Stab at Lepel/125 km SW of Vitebsk under Koluft Panzergruppe 3 with: 1.(H)/11, 3.(H)/12, 4.(H)/12 and 1.(H)/13.

8/41: during second half of August moved north with XXXIX. AK for the advance from Lake Ilmen to Lake Ladoga just east of Leningrad under Koluft AOK 16.

10/41: after supporting the drive to reach the shores of Lake Ladoga and seal off Leningrad, the Stab moved south again and probably at Yermolino/W of Moscow during the second half of October.

30.10.41: Stab departed the central sector of the front and ordered to South Russia where in November it was in support of 11th Army.

o/a 19.4.42: renamed Stab/Nahaufklärungsgruppe 16.

FpN:(L 17393)


Obstlt. Franz Nistler (  ? -  ? ) 10/41

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Aufklärungsgruppe 11