Höherer Kommandeur für Truppengasschutz

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Höherer Kommandeur für Truppengasschutz

(Senior Commander for Troop Gas Protection)

Höh. Kommandeur

Gen.Lt. Adolf Laule (1 May 39 - 10 May 45)


Established 16 March 1943 directly under the Chef des Luftwaffenführungsstabes as Höherer Kommandeur für Truppengasschutz und Kommandeur der Gasschutzschulen d.Lw. (Senior Commander for Troop Gas Protection and Commander of Air Force Gas Defense Schools). The designation was shortened to the above sometime later. Had oversight responsibility for all gas defense research, planning, training and equipment within the Luftwaffe. In November 1944 the office had 5 officers and 10 others. Ordered disbanded on 9 April 1945.[1]

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