I.(Nah-)/Erg.Aufklärungsgeschwader 1

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I.(Nah-)/Erg.Aufklärungsgeschwader 1

Unit Code: (N5 + )


Formed 8 January 1945 at Kölleda/Thuringia (ex-Erg.Nahaufklärungsgruppe at Bromberg) with a Gruppenstab and 1.-3.Staffel. As originally set forth, 1. Staffel was to provide Nahaufklärungs (tactical reconnaissance) training, 2. Staffel to provide Nah-u.Nahnachtaqufklärungs (day and night tactical reconnaissance) training, and 3. Staffel Jagdausbildung (fighter training). Initially equipped primarily with Bf 109s, FW 189s and a few Hs 126s. Functioned as the operational training and replacement unit for the tactical (or close) reconnaissance Staffeln. [1]


1/45 – 2/45: shortly after formation, the Gruppe is known to have assembled an Einsatzstaffel/ Erg.Aufklärungsgeschwader 1 for use at the front in Silesia under Luftflotte 6, but little is known about it aside from the two losses charged to it that appear below.

24.1.45: Einsatzstaffel - Fieseler Fi 156 failed to return from an operational flight - no details, 100%, 2 MIA.

4.2.45: at Kölleda - 3.(Nacht) Staffel provided operational training and replacement crews for the several Fw 189 units that specialized in night reconnaissance along the front. [2]

5.2.45: Einsatzstaffel - Bf 109 G-8 shot down by ground fire - location not reported, 100%, pilot KIA,

13.2.45: still at Kölleda.[3]

28.2.45: aircraft on hand: 1.St. (8 Bf 109s), 2.St. (13 Bf 109s, 6 Ar 96s, 2 Bü 131), 3.St. (2 Fw 189s, 6 Si 204s, 1 Fw 190). [4]

28.2.45: according to an entry in the KTB of the Gen.d.Aufkl.Flieger, the Gruppe had been training 18 Hungarian tactical recce pilots, but this was terminated without completion this date due to the critical shortage of fuel. [5]

4.3.45: given as the training termination date of I./Erg.Aufkl.Geschw. 1 at Template:Anchor Kölleda, probably due to the critical fuel situation.

5.3.45: now reduced to a Gruppe, Erg.Aufkl.Gr. Kölleda consisted of a Gruppenstab, 1.(Blind-) Staffel (ex-6./Aufkl.Geschw. 103) with 10 aircraft for instrument training and 10 reconnaissance aircraft, 2.(Nah-) Staffel with 15 instructor crews and 45 aircraft, 3.(Fern) Staffel with 4 Me 410s, 4 Ju 188 (See), 4 Ju 88 (Land/See), 6 Ju 188 (Nacht), 1 Do 127 (Nacht) and 9 BV 138s, Artilleriefliegerkdo./Erg.Aufkl.Gr. Kölleda. [6]

18.3.45: still at Kölleda.[7]

5.4.45: disbanded at Kölleda as U.S. forces from the Kassel area (V Corps/lst Army) began a rapid advance to the Elbe River. Kölleda lay directly in the path of the advance and the town and airfield were overrun around 9 or 10 April. The personnel of Erg.Aufkl.Gr. Kölleda were employed as ground troops and fought in the Kölleda area until the end. [8]

FpN: I. (Nah-)/Erg.Aufkl.Geschw.l (none found).


Maj. Ludwig Holler (12/44 - 4/45)

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