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Formation. (May 43)

Formed 1 May 1943 at Berlin-Schönwalde as Ergänzungs-Transportfliegergruppe by renaming KGr.z.b.V. 300. Consisted of a Gruppenstab and 1. – 4. Staffel, and initially equipped with 23 Ju 52s. The Gruppe served as a replacement pool and training unit for all of the transport formations belonging to XIV. Fliegerkorps. As secondary responsibilities, the Gruppe also tested and evaluated new transport aircraft, carried out conversion courses for new transport crews, and flight tested recently repaired and overhauled aircraft before they were placed back in service. On 20 Oct 43 the Gruppe was re-designated I./Erg.TG.[1]

Germany. (May 43 - Apr 45)

Jun 43: according to its strength returns, from June 1943 through April 1944 the Gruppe had between 13 and 32 Ju 52s on hand with the average being around 24.[2]

2 Jul 43: Ju 52 crash landed at Fp. Berlin-Staaken, 35%.[3]

20 Aug 43: 2 Ju 52s severely damaged in a runway collision at Fp. Berlin-Schönwalde, 70% and 45%.

10 Nov 43: Ju 52 crash landed north of Guben, 60%.

22 Nov 43: W 34 crew trainer force landed near Werdau due to engine failure, 60%.

21 Jul 44: the Geschwader was ordered disbanded this date and I. Gruppe once again became Ergänzungs-Transportfliegergruppe with the following organizational structure: Gruppenstab, 1. Staffel (Ju 52s), 2. Staffel (ex-6. Staffel with SM 82s), 3. Staffel (ex-7. Staffel with Ju 352s and Ar 232s) and 4. Staffel (personnel and aircraft forwarding or ferrying Staffel).[4]

15 Sep 44: 3. Staffel removed from the Gruppe and renamed 15./TG 4.[5]

2 Oct 44: Gruppe disbanded and the remaining assets of 1. and 4 Staffel rebuilt as Ergänzungs-Transportfliegerstaffel under Staffelkapitän Hptm. Paul Fischer. The SM 82-equipped 2. Staffel was completely disbanded.[6]

Apr 45: the Staffel remained at Berlin-Schönwalde until it was ordered disbanded on 8 April 1945.[7]

24 Apr 45: all or elements now at Prague-Gbell.[8]

FpNs:Gruppenstab (L 52029)

1. Staffel (L 53173)
2. Staffel (L 55654)
3. Staffel (L 52308)
4. Staffel (L 54628)


Maj. Kurt Wendorff (1 May 43 - 15 Aug 43) killed in crash

Maj. Kurt Fabiunke (16 Aug 43 - 19 Oct 43)

Maj. Hans-Hermann Brambach (DKG) (20 Oct 43 - 2 Oct 44)

Also see:

ALBERSMEIER, Ludwig, Lt. R, DKG. Pilot.

AXE, Heinz, Hptm. Pilot. Staka/3. Staffel.

BAACK, Wolfgang, Hptm. Pilot. Lehrer (instructor).

BARTHA, Ernst, Oblt. Beobachter. Major beim Stabe.

BEHRENDT, Walter, Hptm.(Kr.O.). Pilot. Staka/3. Staffel.

CESCOTTI, Roderich, Oblt./Hptm. DKG. Techn.Offz.

DIETZ, Ludwig Franz Rudolf Heinz, Lt.

FELDSIEN, Hans, Hptm. Nachr.Offz.

FISCHER, Paul, Hptm. Pilot. Staka/4. Staffel.

GRAF, Hans, Hptm. Pilot. Staka/3. Staffel.

GRIEFAHN, Hans-Joachim, Lt.

GUNDLFINGER, Friedrich-Anton, Flugkapitän (Hptm.). Staka/1. Staffel.

KRUCHEN, Paul (rank?). Pilot.

LOSSOW, Gerhard, Hptm. Pilot? Staka/4. Staffel.

PETERS, Walter, Lt.(Ing.).

SCHULTE, Fritz, Oblt. Pilot. Staka/1. Staffel.

SOMMER, Willi, Hptm. Pilot? Staka/3. Staffel.

STAFFEHL, Heinz-Horst, Oblt. Beobachter.

SZOTTKA, Herbert, Hptm. Pilot? Staka/3. Staffel.

WARLER, Willy, Hptm. Pilot? Staka/1. Staffel.

WINTER, Robert, Hptm. Pilot. Staka/4. Staffel.

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