II.(F)/Erg.Aufklärungsgeschwader 1

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II.(F)/Erg.Aufklärungsgeschwader 1

Unit Code: (F2 + ) ?


Formed 8 January 1945 (11 January 1945?) at Pütnitz (ex – remaining personnel of Erg.-Fernaufklärungsgruppe that had not been reassigned to the Heer or the Fallschirmjäger during September and October 1944) with a Gruppenstab, 5.-7.Staffel and Erg.St. (See) (a.k.a. 4. Staffel). In the ensuing redesignation and reorganization, 5.(Nacht-) Staffel was the former 4. (Nacht-)/Erg.Fernaufkl.Gr, and 6. (See-) Staffel was the former 5. (See-)/Erg.Fernaufkl.Gr. Equipped mainly with Ju 88s and Do 217s. Provided operational training and replacement crews for the long-range reconnaissance units. [1]


19.1.45: at the request of Gen.d.Aufklärungsflieger, the Gruppe made 35 crews available for ferrying aircraft. It is not known whether this was a permanent reassignment or just a temporary arrangement.[2]

30.1.45: Ju 88 G-2 crashed at Calau near Cottbus - no details, 100%, 3 killed.

9.2.45: Ju 88 D-2 damaged landing at Fp.Pütnitz, 25%.

2/45: Gruppe based at Pütnitz/28 km NE of Rostock on the Baltic coast. [3]

28.2.45: Pütnitz with 5.St. (7 Ju 88s, 14 Ju 188s, 1 He 111), 6.St. (11 Ju 88s, 8 Ju 188s, 1 Ju 388, 4 Do 217s), 7.St. (11 Ju 88s, 10 Ju 188s), Umschulungskommando Me. 410 (5 Me 410s, 2 Bf 110s), Erg.St. (See) (6 BV 138s, 3 Do 24s, 6 Ar 196s, 1 Si 204). [4]

5.3.45: in a paper reorganization that was common during the last weeks of the war, the Gruppe was redesignated 3.(F)/Erg.Aufklärungsgruppe Kölleda with 4 Me 410s, 4 Ju 188 (See), 4 Ju 88 (Land/See), 6 Ju 188s (Nacht) and Do 217 (Nacht) and 9 BV 138s. [5]

5.4.45: Gruppe still intact, although location not given, but presumably it was at Kölleda. [6]However, the general lack of fuel and the approaching end of hostilities may have prevented much flying from being carried out. Disbanded at Kölleda as U.S. forces from the Kassel area (V Corps/lst Army) began a rapid advance to the Elbe River. Kölleda lay directly in the path of the advance and the town and airfield were overrun around 9 or 10 April. The personnel of Erg.Aufkl.Gr. Kölleda were employed as ground troops and fought in the Kölleda area until the end. [7]

FpN: II. (F)/Erg.Aufkl.Geschw.1 (L 55905 and L 51529?).


Maj. Oskar Otolski (30.11.44 - 4.3.45)

Maj. Hans Nebelin (?) ( ? - ? ) 1945

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