II/KG.z.b.V 2

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II./KG z.b.V. 2

Formation and History. (Aug 39 - Nov 39)

Formed 26 August 1939 at Jürgensfelde/East Prussia to provide airlift support for paratroops in the forthcoming attack on Poland. Instead, the Gruppe was used to transport personnel, fuel, munitions and supplies to forward airfields in South Poland. On 1 September it was based at Freiwaldau/Silesia with 53 Ju 52 transports. On conclusion of the campaign in the latter part of September, it returned to Germany where it was gradually disbanded and the aircraft and crews returned to the training schools.[1]

FpNs:Gruppenstab (L 28085)

5. Staffel (L 28613)
6. Staffel (L 29079)
7. Staffel (L 29201)
8. Staffel (L 29690)


Obstlt. Rudolf Stoltenhoff (26 Aug 39 - ? )

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KG.z.b.V 2

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