III./KG z.b.V. 172

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III./KG z.b.V. 172

Formation and History. (Aug 39 - Feb 40)

Mobilized 26 August 1939 at Berlin-Tempelhof with 26 Ju 52 transports and there on 1 September for the attack on Poland and the beginning of World War Two. The Gruppe had a Gruppenstab and three Staffeln (7. – 9.) and it is not known whether it was later strengthened to four. There is a total absence of information concerning its employment, other than it being credited with participation in the campaign in Poland. The Gruppe is not mentioned in the Loss Reports. It seems generally agreed that it was renamed I./KG z.b.V. 172 and I. Gruppe renamed III. Gruppe in January or February 1940 - in other words, they exchanged identities - but the lack of information past this date leaves the matter questionable. It appears more likely that III. Gruppe was disbanded at that time and its assets incorporated into I./KG z.b.V. 172.[1]

FpN:Gruppenstab and 7. – 9. Staffel (L 31213)


Maj. Otto Babekuhl (26 Aug 39 - Jan 40?)

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KG z.b.V. 172

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