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Formation and History. (May 43 - Jul 43)

Formed 1 May 1943, probably at Leipheim/S Germany or Ristissen/near Laupheim, with a Gruppenstab, Stabsstaffel and three Staffeln (9. – 11.?) by renaming III./KG z.b.V. 323 (ex-KGr.z.b.V. 900). Equipped with a full allowance of 24 Me 323 transports. All or parts of the Gruppe became operational in May and began flying a few transport missions to or in Russia, but in June the decision was made to disband III. Gruppe and rename it II./TG 5, which had just returned to South Germany from Italy without aircraft after handing over its remaining Me 323s to I./TG 5. It has been said that this decision was made because there were not enough Me 323s coming off the production line to equip all three Gruppen of TG 5. The change in the Feldpostübersicht (Field Postal Directory) reflecting this change was not entered until 23 February 1944, and this has caused some historians to believe that it did not occur until then.[1]

FpNs:Geschwaderstab and 9. – 11. Staffel? (L 44132)


Oberst Alfred Wübben (1 May 43 - 3 Jun 43)

Maj. Fritz Bartel, acting (DKG) (5 Jun 43 - c. Jul 43)

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SCHALLEK, Georg, Oblt.

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