Jagdabschnittsführer Jütland

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Jagdabschnittsführer Jütland

(FpN: none found)


Oberst Karl Viek (Sep 43 - Nov 43?)

Formation and History. (Sep 43 - Nov 43)

Formed o/a 15 September 1943 at Grove/Denmark to control fighter operations over the Jutland Peninsula (i.e., the Danish mainland) under 2. Jagddivision? Or is this Stab identical with Jagdabschnittsführer Dänemark? There would not be two Jagdabschnittsführer located in the same place at the same time. If this Stab existed, then it was probably until 1 December 1943, and then renamed Jagdabschnittsführer Dänemark. In German, Jütland and Dänemark were often used interchangeably during the days of the Third Reich.[1]

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  1. Jagdabschnittsführer Jütland was mentioned in passing several times in a few of the surviving documents microfilmed by NARA WashDC, but insufficient information was given to determine its status.