Jagdabschnittsführer Mittelrhein

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Jagdabschnittsführer Mittelrhein

(FpN: L 53174)


Oberst Hanns Trübenbach (c.Mar 44 - Nov 44)

Oberst Gotthardt Handrick (Dec 44 - 26 Jan 45)

Formation and History. (Mar 44 - Jan 45)

Formed March 1944 at Darmstadt (ex-Stab/Nachtjagdraumführer 103). Controlled fighter defences in the Central Rhine area and subordinated to 3. Jagddivision. There are references to this command dating from January 1944, and one source even states that it was ordered established under the above name on 15 September 1943. The Stab remained at Darmstadt and on 26 January 1945 it was upgraded and renamed Stab/Jagdfliegerführer Mittelrhein.[1]

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