Jagdfliegerführer 1 (Luftflotte 1)

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Jagdfliegerführer 1 (Luftflotte 1)

(FpNs: L 26265, L 37778)


Gen.Maj. Theodor Osterkamp (22 Jul 40 - 31 Dec 40)

Formation and History. (Jul 40 - Dec 40)

Formed on or about 22 July 1940, probably in Berlin, as a component of Luftflotte 1 (Stab in Berlin). Shortly after formation it was attached to Luftflotte 2 (Stab in Brussels) for training tasks. On 1 November it was located at Wissant near Calais and at Le Touquet to the south of Boulogne, but then later in the month it appears to have moved to Amsterdam-Schiphol where it was subordinated to Luftgaukdo. Holland. In December 1940 this small Stab (staff) is believed to have been incorporated into the Stab of Jagdfliegerführer 2, since Gen.Maj. Osterkamp became Jafü 2 at that time.[1]

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