Jagdfliegerführer 2 (2. Jagddivision)

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Jagdfliegerführer 2 (2. Jagddivision)

(FpN: L 24146?)


Oberst Johann Schalk (1 Dec 43 - c. 31 Mar 44)

Formation and History. (Dec 43 - Mar 44)

Formed 1 December 1943 at Stade/35 km WNW of Hamburg by renaming Stab/Jagdfliegerführer Deutsche Bucht. Assigned to 2. Jagddivision as a component of the Divisionsstab rather than as an independent command. Responsible for fighter defenses over northwest Germany. On 11 December a Bf 110G-3 belonging to Jafü 2 ran out of fuel and force landed at Noorbrök with 50% damage. Shortly after that the Stab moved from Stade to Jever/15 km WNW of Wilhelmshaven. Disbanded at Jever in late March or early April 1944.[1]

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