Jagdfliegerführer 6 (Luftflotte 6)

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Jagdfliegerführer 6 (Luftflotte 6)

(FpN: L 60623)


Obstlt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann (1 May 44 - 31 Aug 44)

Formation and History. (May 44 - Aug 44)

Formed May 1944 at Priluki near Minsk in Belorussia under Luftflotte 6. Controlled fighter forces on the central sector of the Eastern Front. The Stab was still at Priluki on 28 June under Luftflotte 6, but was ordered to transfer immediately to Brest-Litovsk. The only unit subordinated to the Stab on this date was I./NJG 100. The rapid advance of Soviet forces during the Belorussian offensive that began on 22 June forced the Stab to withdraw to Warsaw during July. The Stab was ordered disbanded by Luftflotte 6 on 31 August (its FpN was deleted on 22 September 1944).[1]

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