Jagdfliegerführer Bretagne

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Jagdfliegerführer Bretagne

(FpN: L 52025)


Oberst Dr. Erich Mix (6 Sep 43 - 31 Aug 44)

Formation and History. (Sep 43 - Aug 44)

Ordered formed 6 September 1943 at Rennes/Brittany with effect from 15 September (ex-Stab/Jagdfliegerführer 4), but there is evidence that Jafü 4 was using this designation as early as July 1943. Controlled fighter defenses in Brittany under II. Jagdkorps/Luftflotte 3. Stab moved to quarters near Fp. Rennes – St-Jacques in Nov 43 and last identified there on 25 July 1944. Said to have departed Rennes on 2 August for Angers and then withdrew from there to Tours on 7 August and then to Paris on 8 August. At Jouy-en-Josas/SW of Paris from 11 to 18 August and then withdrew via Compiègne and Namur to Eschweiler in Germany. Stab ordered disbanded on 31 August by Luftflotte 3 (Feldpost number deleted 24 Nov 44).[1]

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