Jagdfliegerführer Mitte (Oldenburg)

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Jagdfliegerführer Mitte

(FpN: ? )


Oberst Josef Kammhuber (1 Apr 41 - 1 Sep 41)

Formation and History. (Apr - Aug 41)

Formed 1 April 1941 at Oldenburg near Bremen to exercise command and control over day fighter operations over the Reich. According to Tessin, it subordinated Jafü Deutsche Bucht in Jever, Holland-Ruhrgebiet in Schiphol and Berlin-Mitteldeutschland in Döberitz on 1 September 1941, and then during the winter of 1941/1942 it was renamed 1. Nachtjagddivision. However, other evidence suggests that this renaming occurred on 1 September 1941 at Oldenburg. [1]

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