Jagdfliegerführer Ostpreussen

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Jagdfliegerführer Ostpreussen

(FpN: L 54032)


Maj. Hans-Heinrich Brustellen (15 Sep 43 - 31 Mar 44)

Oberst Karl-Gottfried Nordmann (1 Apr 44 - 30 Sep 44)

????? (1 Oct 44 - 3 Feb 45)

Formation and History. (Sep 43 - Feb 45)

Formed 15 September 1943 at Neuhausen (near Königsberg) from Stab/Nachtjagdraumführer 112. Within a month of its formation the Stab moved to Insterburg/East Prussia where it remained through most of 1944. Subordinated to 1. Jagddivision. Plans called for it to be upgraded and reorganized as 10. Jagddivision, but these intentions were cancelled. Headquarters at Königsberg-Seewiesen in September 1944 and now under Luftflotte 6. Shortly after the opening of the Soviet winter offensive along the Vistula on 12 Jan 45, Jafü Ostpreussen was ordered to transfer to the Berlin area. Disbanded on 3 February 1945 at Treuenbrietzen (near Berlin) with the exception of the subordinate Nachtjagdraumführer Ostpreussen at Klein-Kuhren (near Königsberg).[1]

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