Jagdfliegerführer Südfrankreich

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Jagdfliegerführer Südfrankreich

FpN: L 49046)


Oberst Friedrich Vollbracht (Jan 43? - 31 Aug 44)

Formation. (Nov 42?)

The exact date and place of formation has not been found. One source (Tessin) says November 1942 in South France, but Jagdfliegerführer Vollbracht does not appear to have been appointed until January 1943, according to other accounts. The German takeover in the unoccupied portion of South France on 11 November was in response to the Allied landings in Morocco and Algeria on 8 November. Jafü Südfrankreich was set up shortly after that and was responsible for the tactical command and control of fighter forces assigned to protect southern France.[1]

South France. (Nov 42? - Aug 44)

Jun 43: Stab in Aix-en-Provence.[2]

Sep 43: Stab in Aix-en-Provence under II. Jagdkorps.[3]

1943-44: plans developed to upgrade and reorganize Jafü Südfrankreich as 6. Jagddivision were not carried out.[4]

4 May 44: the Stab had a strength of 7 officers, 2 officials (Beamte) and 42 NCOs and men on this date.[5]

Jun 44: Stab moved from Aix-en-Provence to nearby La Nerthe at the beginning of June, perhaps around 6 June in connection with the Allied invasion of Normandy. By 10 June it was at La Nerthe operating under 5. Jagddivision. As so effectively summarized in the very detailed 10-page interrogation and intelligence summary (CSDIC A.448), Jafü Südfrankreich had an extremely well-developed fighter control radar system operated by Luftnachrichten-Rgt. 51 and other units, but no fighters except for a single Gruppe (Jagdgruppe 200) that was mainly composed of instructors and advance students. It was therefore of little value because it could offer only a token defence.[6]

19 Aug 44: transferred from La Nerthe to Metz following the Allied invasion of South France on 15 August.[7]

31 Aug 44: withdrawn to Germany and ordered disbanded this date by Luftflotte 3.[8]

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