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Küstenfliegergruppe 306

In 1936, Küstenfligergruppe 306 was one of the first units of it's type to be activated. Partially, its personnel and aircraft were sourced from the remnants of other units, however, an expansion of German air resources during the period allowed for the creation of two entirely new Staffeln


Formed on 1 March 1937 in Dievenow, the unit was primarily a command unit, although it was equipped with He 60 floatplanes. Four months later, on 1 July 1937, the Stab was redesignated Stab/Kü.Fl.Gr.506.

The Stab was not reformed until 1 November 1938. As with its previous incarnation, the unit was raised from scratch, and was not a redesignation of a different Staffel.

At the beginning of September 1939, the unit commenced its move to a new home at Hörnum - a move it had completed by 4 September. On 22 October 1939 the unit was redesignated as Stab/Kü.Fl.Gr.406 and was never reformed.


The 1. Staffel was the first of three Staffeln raised for Küstenfleigergruppe 306, with the majority of its eprsonnel and equipment being supplied by 1.(M)/Fliegergruppe (See) 106. The unit was raised in Norderney on 1 July 1936, operating the He 60 floatplane.

Still operating the He 60, on 1 July 1937 the Staffel was redesignated 1./Kü.Fl.Gr.506 and immediately Reformed in Dievenow. On 22 October 1939 the Staffel was redesignated 3./Kü.Fl.Gr.806 and was never reformed.

As with all short-range maritime reconnaissance Staffeln, 1./306 operated in support of coastal operations and against shipping in the North Sea/Baltic regions.


Formed in Dievenow on 1 November 1938, the 2./306 operated the long range Do 18 maritime patrol aircraft. As with the Stab, by 4 September 1939 the unit had moved to a new base at Hörnum.

On 22 September 1939, the unit was redesignated 3./Kü.Fl.Gr.406 and never reformed.


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