KGr.z.b.V. 103

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KGr. z.b.V. 103

Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 103

(Unit Code: ?)

Formation. (Mar 40)

Formed on or about 15 March 1940 at Schleswig using aircraft and crews taken from the multi-engine training schools. The Gruppe was intended to be a provisional formation for use in the forthcoming occupation of Denmark and Norway that commenced on 9 April 1940.[1]

Occupation of Denmark and Norway. (Mar 40 - May 40)

9 Apr 40: at Schleswig under X. Fliegerkorps - airlifted II./Inf.Rgt. 234 for the initial landing of German troops at Oslo-Fornebu. Gruppenkommandeur Hptm Wagner was killed by machine gun fire while attempting to land at Fornebu at 0905 hours and Hptm. Ingenhoven took over. Ingenhoven was later credited with clearing the airfield for subsequent landings despite sharp resistance by the Norwegian defenders. The Gruppe lost 7 Ju 52s destroyed and 3 damaged between 9 and 11 April, most of these occurring at Oslo-Fornebu.

13 Apr 40: flew II./Inf.Rgt. 334 to Trondheim in C Norway.

14 Apr 40: attempted to fly a supply mission to Narvik where General Dietl’s mountain troops had landed on 9 April, but the mission had to be abandoned due to bad weather.

15-16 Apr 40: 4 Ju 52s damaged during British raids on Stavanger-Sola.

5 May 40: after less than a month of operations in Norway and with no further losses reported, KGr. z.b.V. 103 was ordered disbanded and its assets returned to the schools, although one reliable source (Kössler) claims that this did not occur until early June.

FpN:Gruppenstab and 1. – 4. Staffel (L 33218)


Hptm. Richard Wagner (c. 15 Mar 40 - 9 Apr 40) KIA

Hptm.d.R. Peter Ingenhoven (RK) (9 Apr 40 - 5 May 40)

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FLAKOWSKI, Burkhard, Hptm. Staka 1./KGr.z.b.V. 103?

KOEDER, Kurt, Oblt. KIA.

SANDT, Robert, Oblt. WIA.

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