KGr.z.b.V. 107

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KGr. z.b.V. 107

Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 107

(Unit Code: ?)

Formation. (Mar 40)

Formed on or about 15 March 1940, probably at Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel, using personnel from KG.z.b.V 2 and aircraft temporarily borrowed from the multi-engine training schools and other units. The Gruppe was intended to be a provisional formation for use in the forthcoming occupation of Denmark and Norway (Operation Weserübung) that commenced on 9 April 1940. Its 4. Staffel, on the other hand, was a Sonderstaffel consisting of 2 Lufthansa Fw 200s, 1 G 38 and 5 Ju 90s pressed into service until the need for these large aircraft had been fulfilled. The Sonderstaffel assembled at Berlin-Tempelhof and then joined the rest of the Gruppe at Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel on 7 April.[1]

Occupation of Denmark and Norway. (Mar 40 - Jul 40)

9 Apr 40: at Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel under X. Fliegerkorps for the commencement of the invasion of Denmark and Norway - transported elements of Inf.Rgt. 324 from there and from Neumünster to Oslo-Fornebu and the next day hauled ammunition to the same airfield as well as other locations in South Norway. Through 11 April the Gruppe reported 1 Ju 52 totaled and 6 damaged at Aalborg (Ålborg), Kristiansand and Stavanger.[2]

12 Apr 40: Ju 90 loaded with 2,500 kg of munitions crashed while taking off from Fp. Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel, 100%, 2 WIA.[3]

13 Apr 40: dropped containers containing weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to ground forces engaged in Norway.

18 Apr 40: 4 Ju 52s severely damaged at Fp. Oslo-Fornebu when struck by a landing He 111 from II./KG 4, 80%, 80%, 80%, 35%.

21 Apr 40: Fw 200 belonging to the Sonderstaffel disintegrated during a local practice flight at Fp. Berlin-Staaken due to reckless flying by the pilot, 100%, pilot Oblt. Alfred Henke + 3 all killed.

May 40: flew air supply operations in support of General Dietl’s mountain troops engaged at Narvik.[4]

25 May 40: Ju 52 destroyed at Fp. Berlin-Staaken when struck by another Ju 52 that was taxiing, 100%.

Jun 40: dropped paratroops over critical points and objectives in North Norway during early June. Following the end of the campaign on 9 June, the Gruppe carried out routine transport assignments for Luftflotte 5 in Norway.[5]

5 Jun 40: Ju 52 crashed at Fp. Oslo-Fornebu while on a courier flight, 85%.

17 Jun 40: all aircraft departed Norway and the Gruppe transferred to Braunschweig.[6]

15 Jul 40: disbanded at Braunschweig with some assets reassigned to other units as replacements, particularly KGr.z.b.V. 108, and the remainder returned to the school units.[7]

FpN:Gruppenstab and 1. – 4. Staffel (L 36613)


Hptm. Bernhard Gisevius (c. 15 Mar 40 - 15 Jul 40)

Also see:

DRECHSEL, Walter, Hptm.d.R.

ECKLEBEN, Heinrich, Oblt. Passenger. KIA.

HAUMANN, Hans, Hptm.

HENKE, Dipl.Ing. Alfred, Oblt.d.R. Killed.

RASCH, Richard, Reg.Insp. Passenger. Killed.

RÖHRS, Rudi, (rank unknown). Pilot. KIA.

SCHACK, Siegfried, Leopold Magnus Johannes Otto Oskar Graf, Oblt.d.R. Pilot. Killed.

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