KGr.z.b.V. 2

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Bold textKGr.z.b.V. 2

(Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 2)

Formation and History. (1938 - Aug 39)

Formed in August 1938 (new) at Stendal/Anhalt. No information has surfaced regarding its employment. In all likelihood, the Gruppe existed as a part time formation with its aircraft and crews assigned most of the time to the various FFS C schools. When the need arose, the Gruppe was activated to provide jump training at the paratroop schools and to fulfill temporary transport requirements, such as during the occupation of the Sudetenland (1 Oct 38) and the invasion of Czechoslovakia (15 Mar 39). Renamed II./KG.z.b.V 1 on 26 August 1939. In a curious and puzzling epilogue to the history of this Gruppe, some very limited circumstantial evidence exists to suggest that it may have been re-established around March 1942, or at least an attempt was made to do so. A 3. and 4. Staffel/KG z.b.V. 2, which appears to have been a typographical error for KGr.z.b.V. 2, were entered into the Field Postal Directory (Feldpostübersicht). The first of these (FpN L 23579) was supposedly the former Sonderstaffel (G.S.) 22 and the latter (FpN L 24647) the former Sonderstaffel (G.S.) 4, both of which were equipped with Me 321 heavy cargo gliders towed by He 111s, Bf 110s and other aircraft. On 27 Dec 42 a loss was charged to KGr.z.b.V. 2, this being a Me 321 that was destroyed in a crash at Obertraubling due to technical problems. However, no additional information has been found and it is possible that the reestablishment of the Gruppe was never completed. (See I./KG.z.b.V 2 for additional comments).[1]

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