KGr.z.b.V. 25 (1st)

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KGr. z.b.V. 25 (First Formation)

Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 25

(Unit Code: none)

Formation. (Jan 43)

Ordered formed on or about 7 January 1943 with He 111s for the Stalingrad airlift, but place and exact date of formation are not known. As was the case with most of the transport units hastily assembled for the emergency air supply of the 6. Armee (AOK 6) surrounded in Stalingrad, the aircraft and crews for KGr. z.b.V. 25 almost certainly came from the various training schools. There is very little information concerning the history and employment of this Gruppe, other than the fact that it existed for a very short period of time. It is known that in January 1943 it was assigned to Luftwaffenkommando Don, with at least one of its He 111s being used to tow gliders for 1.(Go)/Lw.Kdo. Don, and that it was probably never employed in the Stalingrad operation, at least not in any major way.[1]

South Russia. (Jan 43 - Mar 43)

18 Jan 43: He 111E hit by ground fire and returned to Kharkov-Voichenko damaged, 10%.

21 Jan 43: He 111E crashed at Fp. Mariupol/S Ukraine and destroyed, 100%, 4 crew + 10 passengers killed.

6 Feb 43: He 111E crashed at Fp. Kharkov-Rogan and destroyed, 100%.

7 Feb 43: He 111 H-2 shot-up by AA fire and landed at Fp. Kremenchug damaged, 60%.

9 Feb 43: He 111 H-3 crashed at Fp. Dnepropetrovsk-South and destroyed, 100%, 3 crew + 9 passengers killed.

28 Feb 43: He 111 struck the ground and crashed (100%) southeast of Fp. Seshchinskaya on the central sector of the Eastern Front, the crew of this aircraft belonged to Stab./KG 77.

7 Mar 43: He 111 P-5 crashed southwest of Warsaw/Poland due to engine failure, 30%. This is the last entry for KGrzbV 25 in the Gen.Qu. Loss Reports. Disbanded in March, but the exact date for this is unknown.

FpNs:(none found)



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HÜNEMÖRDER, Werner, Lt./Oblt., Adjutant.

PFISTER, Otto, Obstlt., attached for temporary duty.

WEINAND, Heinrich, Ob.Reg.Rat.

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