KGr.z.b.V. 60

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KGr. z.b.V. 60

Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 60

(Unit Code: 9P+)

Formation and History. (Mar 41 - Jun 41)

Date and place of formation unknown. One not-always-reliable source (Green) claims it was formed in January 1941, another more reliable source (Tessin) in the spring of 1941 and a third often reliable source (Morzik) states that it was formed specifically for the invasion of Crete, which would suggest late April or early May 1941. However, circumstantial evidence points toward March as being the most likely date of formation. The Gruppe as a complete unit did not take part in the first phase of the Balkan Campaign that began on 6 April nor is there any mention of it prior to 25 April when Hitler issued Führer Directive 28 ordering the occupation of Crete by airborne and air-landing forces under XI. However, a so-called “Kombinierte Staffel” of KGr. z.b.V. 60 did arrive at Wiener-Neustadt airfield on 3-4 April and assigned to XI. Fliegerkorps (Operation Merkur). The additional transport forces needed for the operation were then quickly assembled in Germany using aircraft and crews from the various training schools and dispatched to airfields in the Athens area. On 26 April the Gruppe, which was already in the theater, took part under XI. Fliegerkorps in the airborne and air-landing operation to seize the Corinth Canal. Operating from Plovdiv/Bulgaria, having transferred there from Vienna around 25 April, as a component of KG.z.b.V 2, it dropped paratroops in the canal area where a key bridge was capture but later destroyed by demolition charges detonated by British rifle fire. A week or so later, a Ju 52 belonging to the Gruppe crashed near Brünn (Brno)/Czechoslovakia on 4 May due to engine trouble killing the crew of 5. On 12 May it was at at Deutsch-Wagram with 47(45) aircraft, but by14 May KGr. z.b.V. 60 had transferred to Greece and was based at Topolia (Topolis)/75 km NW of Athens under Stab./KG.z.b.V 2. Operation Merkur began at first light on 20 May, with the Gruppe participating as part of the force of some 500 transport aircraft headed toward the island with the initial assault wave of Fallschirmjäger (paratroops For the statistical period encompassing Merkur, 14 May to 3 June, KGr. z.b.V. 60 reported a total of 5 Ju 52s destroyed and 9 damaged. It was officially disbanded on conclusion of the operation with surviving aircraft and crews returning to their original school units in Germany.[1]

FpNs:Gruppenstab (L 39809)

1. Staffel (L 40153)
2. Staffel (L 41597)
3. Staffel (L 35542)
4. Staffel (L 36816)


Maj. Walter Hammer (Mar 41 - Jun 41)

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BENZ, Kurt, Oblt. Staka 1./KGr.z.b.V. 60.

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SEDLAK, Edmund, Oblt.

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