KGr.z.b.V. 8

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KGr.z.b.V. 8

Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 8

(Unit Code: ?)

Formation. (Feb 42)

Formed during the first half of February 1942, possibly at Seerappen/East Prussia, from school units as part of the emergency mobilization of provisional transport formations to help meet the crisis on the northern and central sectors of the Eastern Front prompted by the Russian counterattack west of Moscow in early December 1941. It is not known whether the Gruppe was built out to a Gruppenstab and four Staffeln, but it is said to have consisted of a mixture of different types of aircraft, mainly Ju 52s and Ju 86s.[1]

North Russia. (Feb 42 - Apr 42)

18 Feb 42: at Seerappen - ordered this date to transport Polizei-Btl. 121 (600 men) to the airfields at Siverskaya and Krasnogvardeisk near Leningrad, and on completion to transfer to Neukuhren/E Prussia for further tasks.

25 Feb 42: Ju 86 damaged taxiing at Fp. Pskov-South, 25%.

5 Mar 42: transferred to Daugavpils/Latvia o/a this date to participate in the Demyansk and Kholm airlift operations.

18 Mar 42: Ju 52 (SN+FR) shot down near Kholm, 100%, 3 MIA.

15 Apr 42: now based at Schaulen (Siauliai)/Lithuania but staging its Demyansk air supply missions through Fp. Korovye Selo/30 km N of Ostrov.

16 Apr 42: ordered by Luftflotte 1 to transfer from Siauliai to Heiligenbeil/East Prussia, but the next day (17 Apr) this order was amended and the Gruppe directed to move to Paderborn/NW Germany. Shortly after arriving at Paderborn, it was disbanded a few days later.

FpN:(L 01563)


Obstlt. Gustav? Damm (Feb 42 - Apr 42)

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress, 2022).

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