KGr.z.b.V. S-11

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KGr. z.b.V. S-11

Kampfgruppe z.b.V. S-11

(Unit Code: ?)

also as: KGr. z.b.V. S.11

Formation. (Nov 42)

Formed on or about 9 November 1942 as part of KG z.b.V. "S" in response to the Allied invasion of North Africa and the German need to open a front in Tunisia. The Gruppe is believed to have had a Gruppenstab and four Staffeln (1. – 4.). Aircraft and crews were provided by the various training schools.[1]

Central Mediterranean. (Nov 42 - Dec 42)

11-12 Nov 42: transferred from Germany to Brindisi/S Italy to begin airlift operations into Tunisia. Shortly after arriving in Italy, it was reassigned to KG z.b.V. “N” and it also appears to have moved to Reggio di Calabria near Messina at about the same time.

14 Nov 42: Ju 52 strafed on the ground at Fp. Tunis and caught fire, 100%.

23 Nov 42: Ju 52 damaged in mishap at Fp. Tunis.

28 Nov 42: 4 Ju 52s (incl. NO+CY and NO+AH) intercepted and shot down by Allied fighters while approaching Bizerte on a flight from Reggio di Calabria, all 100%, 7 KIA incl. Oblt. Karl Scholler, 5 MIA and 2 WIA.

2 Dec 42: Ju 52 destroyed on the ground during a low-level enemy raid on Fp. Tunis.

5 Dec 42: Ju 52 (RF+GE) ditched in the sea west of Ustica Is. off northern Sicily, 100%, 1 MIA.

6 Dec 42: Ju 52 reported missing on a flight from Reggio to Trapani to Gabès (Qabes), 100%, 3 crew + 2 passengers MIA.

10 Dec 42: Ju 52 (PD+XK) ditched in the Mediterranean on a flight from Trapani to Gabès, 100%, 3 crew + 7 Army passengers MIA.

18 Dec 42: Ju 52 crashed at Fp. Tunis, 100%, 2 KIA, incl. Lt. Herbert Moser.

20-31 Dec 42: disbanded, but the exact date is not known.

FpNs:(none found)



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