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This ad hoc unit was formed 7.42 at Oase Hon, 500km SE of Tripoli, to assist with the guarding of the southern flank in North Africa. In the summer 1942, combat detachments had been placed at Oase Um el Araneb, Oase el Gatrun and Oase Bir Musciuru (N 23° 43' 0 E 14° 42' 0),all in southern Libya. These three detachments were supported and supplied by Sonderkommando Dora from Oase Hon.

In late 12.42 it was withdrawn to Tunis, and was then disbanded in January 1943.

Aircraft used: He 111, Hs 126, Fi 156, Fw 58, DFS.230, Go 242 and Go 244. (Rosch)

NB - Oum-el-Araneb, was a major Axis base in southern Libya, it was captured by General Philippe Leclerc's Free French troops in Jan 1943.



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