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Summer 1942 – Kdo. Koch was established at Athens-Kalamaki with He 111H and Ju 88 aircraft operating under X Fliegerkorps.

Performed night reconnaissance and jamming duties using the airfields at Kalamaki, Catania and Grosseto.

late summer 1942 - six He 111s of Kőthen Signals Research Establishment (Maj. Koch) were attached to FAGr. 122 for night anti-shipping trials using a captured British Radar together with Rostok and Lichtenstein “S”, these were eventually supplanted by FuG 200 Hohentweil. Koch’s Kommando trained all of the current crews of the Italian based elements of FAGr 122 in its use.

22 Aug 1942 – He 111 jamming operations took place between 18.00 hrs Z and 21.25 hrs Z and between 21.45 hrs Z and 22.10 hrs Z. A Ju 52 operated between 23.55 hrs Z and 00.10 hrs Z and also between 00.25 hrs Z and 01.30 hrs Z.[1]

23 Aug 1942 – 1 He 111 took off at 17.45 hrs on a jamming sortie against reconnaissance, shadowing and bomber aircraft for the protection of a damaged submarineand the steamship “Kreta”.[2]

A second He 111 took of on a jamming sortie on the evening of 23rd Aug 1942. These aircraft landed at 23.00 hrs Z 23 Aug and 04.00 hrs 24 Aug 1942 after carrying out their tasks. A British aircraft was jammed from 19.00 to 19.12 hrs Z, it changed frequency and was jammed again from 19.22 to 19.27 hrs. From 20.32 hrs Z it was jammed intermittently on 175 K/Cs. At 01.30 hrs Z the task was abandoned as the apparatus ceased to function.[3]

23-24th Aug 1942 two He 111s operated during which ten searching aircraft were jammed.[4]

24 Aug 1942 – 1 He 111 took off at 17.45 hrs Z to jam several British aircraft in the sea area west of Greece. The aircraft landed at Lecce.[5]

16-17 Sep 1942 – 1 He 111 airborne from 21.10 hrs Z. Operated for the protection of an Axis convoy. Between 22.15 and 22.50 hrs Z noted as jamming three frequencies. However, this activity was broken off due to technical difficulties.[6]

17-18 Sep 1942 – 1 He 111 took off at 16.13 hrs Z for protection of an Axis convoy.[7] A further He 111 took of at 19.02 hrs Z on a similar task but this was broken off due to technical defects.[8]

18-19 Sep 1942 – 1 He 111 took off at 18.12 hrs Z for protection of the Poccolo convoy. This operation was only partially carried out owing to problems with the receiver. The aircraft landed at 02.26+ hrs Z. Another He 111 had taken off at 18.00 hrs Z on an RDF monitoring sortie.[9]

19-20 Sep 1942 – 3 He 111s operating overnight. Two of which returned early due to engine trouble. The remaining aircraft carried out jamming of four frequencies and landed at 06.14 hrs Z.[10]

25 Sep 1942 – 1 He 111 took off at 20.31 hrs Z.[11]

05/06 Apr 1943 - Two He 111s from Sonderkommando Koch were attached to Stab (F)./122 for anti-shipping night patrols off the Tunisian east coast.

26 Apr 1943 – Air attack on Grosseto damaged aircraft of Kdo. Koch.

20 May 1943 – Air attack on Grosseto airfield resulted in Kdo. Koch being almost totally destroyed.

late May 1943 – Kdo Koch disbanded.


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