Kdo. Koch

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Summer 1942 – Kdo. Koch was established at Athens-Kalamaki with He 111H and Ju 88 aircraft operating under X Fliegerkorps.

Performed night reconnaissance and jamming duties using the airfields at Kalamaki, Catania and Grosseto.

late summer 1942 - six He 111s of Kőthen Signals Research Establishment (Maj. Koch) were attached to FAGr. 122 for night anti-shipping trials using a captured British Radar together with Rostok and Lichtenstein “S”, these were eventually supplanted by FuG 200 Hohentweil. Koch’s Kommando trained all of the current crews of the Italian based elements of FAGr 122 in its use.

05/06 Apr 1943 - Two He 111s from Sonderkommando Koch were attached to Stab (F)./122 for anti-shipping night patrols off the Tunisian east coast.

26 Apr 1943 – Air attack on Grosseto damaged aircraft of Kdo. Koch.

20 May 1943 – Air attack on Grosseto airfield resulted in Kdo. Koch being almost totally destroyed.

late May 1943 – Kdo Koch disbanded.