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Sonderkommando Panther

Alternative name for Einsatz Kdo. Braunegg

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Formation details unclear. First mentioned around 15 December 1944 and possibly based at Schwäbisch Hall/Bavaria. May have been the successor to Sonderkommando Braunegg‎‎ or a component of it, or perhaps a cover or code name for Sd.Kdo. Braunegg. Equipped with Messerschmitt Me 262 jets.[1]


11.12.44: strength now 7 Me 262s fitted with cameras, a further 10 aircraft were reportedly being fitted out with cameras at Leipheim.

16.12.44:First addressed in signals as Kdo. Panther.

17.12.44: In recce orders from 5 Jagd Div., Kommando Panther ordered for recce mission comprising of two Rotte of Me 262. This reference is identified as the first indication to the Allies of which aircraft type were being used by this unidentified detachment (Kdo Panther).[2]

18.12.44: flying Me 262 photo reconnaissance along the West Wall from Trier south to Basel/Switzerland under 5.Jagddivision. [3].

22.12.44: 5 Jagd Div ops record for this day shows four Me 262 a/c of Kdo Panther conducted

recce missions over the Mülhausen-Basel-Delle-Bitsch-Lauterburg-Weissenburg areas.[4]

23.12.44: 5 Jagd Div ops report of 19.00hrs states no operations conducted by Kdo. Panther on this date.[5]

26.12.44: flew 7 Me 262 recce sorties this date in the same area as noted above for 18 December. [6]

10.1.45: flew Me 262 recce in the Haguenau-Strasbourg area in Alsace under 5.Jagddiv. [7].

30.1.45: by this date Sd.Kdo. Panther was either being incorporated into 2./NAG 6 or was attached to the Staffel and serving as an advance detachment of it.[8]

FpN: Sd.Kdo. Panther (none found).


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