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Commander - Hptm Siegfried Rastedter.

It operated under the direct command of Fl.Fü. Atlantik during late 1943/ early 1944, based at Bordeaux.

Duties involved the observation, investigation and jamming of allied radio and radar traffic. The unit operated in conjunction with aircraft of KG 40 and provided them with electronic warfare support as described above.

One source indicates that it operated with between 5 and 6 crews and up to six aircraft. Aircraft used included the following - one Fw 200, an He 111 and several Ju 88 / Ju 188 arcraft.

Ju 188 F-1 NK+ZG (W.Nr. 280010) failed to return from a mission on 4 Dec 1943 with Ofw. Otto Langner and his crew.

Stammkenzeichen on two He 111s used by the unit were MK+KM and RI+RF.

One He 111 destroyed by allied bombing raid on Bordeaux probably on 5th Jan 1944.

In 4.44 redesignated Horch und Störstaffel 2.(Holm)


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