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Unit Emblem of 2./122
Karl-Heinz Klinke

Born: 2 June 1918 Königsberg.

Set out below are some events from Karl-Heinz’s Luftwaffe service:-

1 Mar 1941 – 22 Apr 1941 – Flugzeugführerschule A/B Dresden

23 Apr 1941 – 04 Jun 1942 – Ausb. Regt 82 Cottbus

16 May 1942 - Flugzeugführer badge awarded

5 Jun 1942 – 15 Jul 1943 – Flugzeugführerschule ( C ) 7

16 Jul 1943 – 21 Sep 1943 – Blindflugschule 1

22 Sep 1943 – 30 Oct 1943 – Fernaufklärungs-Geschwader 101, 2 Staffel.

31 Oct 1943 – 1 Apr 1944 – II./ Fernaufklärungs-Geschwader 101

2 Apr 1944 – 10 May 1944 – Erg. Fernaufklärungs-Gruppe

11 May 1944 – 4 Apr 1945 – 2(F)./122

Lt. K-H Klinke

29 Aug 1944 – 2(F)./122 sent Lt Klinke and Ogfr. Misch on an evening sortie to the Ligurian Sea. They departed Ghedi at 19.10 crossing the coast in the vicinity of Borgetto Santo (way point 04 Ost 8572) SE of Savona; flew on a southerly course to a point approx. 200 kms SE of Nice (04 Ost 8476); their flight then took them to 35 km north of Capri (04 Ost 9482); they recrossed the Italian coast south of Campodonico (04 Ost 9554) for the return flight through cloud across the Apeninnes and the Po valley, returning to Bergamo at 20.33.

The weather over the sea included 3-4/10 stratus cloud at 200 to 500m.

In the entire sortie there had been no sighting of the enemy and the mission was abandoned north of Capri due to the coming of darkness.

2 Sep 1944 – Lt Klinke and Ogfr. Misch departed Ghedi at 18.27 in an Me 410 (F6+KK) on an early evening sortie to the Adriatic. Two unknown fighters, flying at approximately 9000m, were sighted at one time during the sortie as was a small steamer. Klinke/Misch reported that over the sea there was 4-5 tenths cirrus at 7000m with a strong haze giving visibility to approximately 15 Km.

14 Sep 1944 - Lt Klinke and Ogfr. Misch departed Ghedi at 18.08 in an Me 410 (F6+GK) on an early evening sortie that would take them over the Ligurian Sea staying well to the north of Elba and Corsica. They effectively prescribed a large circle making landfall to the north of Bonassola for the return flight to Ghedi, landing there at 19.37. During the sortie three hostile fighters were sighted at approx 600m at position 04 Ost 9461 on a course due east. Also four vapour trails were reported sighted at position 04 Ost 9581 heading south.[1]

17 Sep 1944 – An Me 410 was attacked by 1 Sqdn SAAF Spitfires while flying at 2000 ft north of Bologna early in the day.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
17 Sep 1944 2(F)./122 Me 410 F6+CK Crashed near Lugo following combat with SAAF Spitfires.

The crew, Klinke and Misch, were back on operations within a very short time.

7 Oct 1944 - 2(F)./122 sent an Me 410 (F6+HK), from Ghedi, on a sortie to the Ligurian Sea. This was crewed by Klinke and Misch and left Ghedi at 16.22 returning at 18.04 and does not appear to have found anything due to the weather conditions.

25 Oct 1944 – Klinke and Misch (2(F)./122) departed Ghedi at 06.37, in Me 410 F6+AK, on an early morning sortie to look at the Ligurian Sea and to reconnoitre the west Italian coastal waters.

They crossed the western part of the Po valley with 10/10 stratus at 1000m, this dropped to 700m on the northern slopes of the Apennines. On crossing the Apennines visibility was 15 – 20 km with stratocumulus clouds. They reached the coast on the northern part of the Gulf of Genoa in the vicinity of Rapallo (04 Ost 9555) with cloud at 800m to the south; flying down the coast to a point approx 10 Km west of Viareggio (14 Ost 0414); continued south to a point out to sea approx. 35 Km from the coast at Carducci (14 Ost 0475); then to a way-point about 10 Km NE of the Island of Capri (04 Ost 9486); the final way-point was 04 Ost 9481 and from there landfall at Rapallo, returning to Ghedi at 08.04.

The sortie was to cover the sea as far south as 43o 05’ and west as far as 09o 25’ – they were unable to completely fulfil the portion of the mission covering the reconnoitring of the west Italian coastal waters. Visibility over the sea to the west was 5km and to southwest 1km. Rain was encountered in the entire area t be covered by the sortie.

The time spent on the sortie had been reduced due to the adverse weather conditions. No contact with the enemy was reported.

4 Nov 1944 – From Ghedi 2.(F)/122 sent out Lt Karl-Heinz Klinke and Uffz Misch, in an Me 410 coded F6+RK, on a sortie to look at Livorno Harbour. This crew departed at 11.05 and returned at 12.22, heavy flak having been encountered over Livorno. In the harbour 14 large ships were sighted, together with numerous smaller vessels. Approximately 30kms NW of Livorno (position 14 Ost 0417) 2 medium sized ships were sighted, they were apparently at a standstill. In addition 30 Kms west of Livorno (04 Ost 9449) a small vessel (probably a fast patrol boat) was also spotted.[1]

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