Koluft AOK 2 (2nd)

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Koluft AOK 2 (2d Formation)

(FpN: L 21385)


Oberst Dietrich-Kurt Volkmann (Feb 41 - Dec 41?)

Formation and History. (Feb 41 - Apr 42)

Formed o/a February/March 1941 by re-designating Koluft AOK 7.[1]

Balkans and Central Russia

5 Apr 41: Koluft subordinated this date: 3 Aufklärungsstaffeln (4.(F)/11, 3.(H)/32, 2.(H)/13), Gruppenfliegerstab 14 (with 3.(H)/14, 5.(H)/14, 6.(H)/31), Kurierstaffel 5, 2 Flak-Abt. (le.83 and le.92), and Ln.-Abt. 1 (H) (mot.).

Apr 41 – May 41: supported 2. Armee operations into Croatia and Bosnia during the Balkan campaign.

Jul 41 - c. Apr 42: supported 2. Armee into the Soviet Union from 2 July via Slonim, Mogilev, Gomel, Chernigov, Bryansk, Orel and Kursk.

1 Feb 42: Stab/Koluft AOK 2 at Orel, but only subordinated Kurierstaffel 1 (at Orel) and 5.(H)/32 (at Kursk).

c.Apr 42: disbanded. The absence of a further appointment after Volkmann, at least so far as is known, and other factors suggest that the Stab of this Koluft may have been reduced to only a handful of people after December 1941. An unconfirmed source (M.Holm) suggests that this Koluft was used to form Stab/Nahaufklärungsgruppe 10 in late April or during May 1942, although this is not supported in Kannapin and therefore needs confirmation.

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