Kommandierender General der deutschen Luftwaffe in Italien

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Kommandierender General der deutschen Luftwaffe in Italien

(FpN: L 52230)

also as: Luftwaffenkommando Süd

Kommandierender General:

Gen.d.Flieger Maximilian Ritter von Pohl (6 Sep 44 - 8 May 45)

Subordinate Commands and Units:

Jagdfliegerführer Oberitalien

FAGr. 122

NAGr. 11

NSGr. 9

25. Flakdivision

3. Flakbrigade

22. Flakbrigade

Ln.-Abt. 90

Flugbereitschaft/Komm.Gen.d.dt.Lw. in Italien?

Formation. (Sep 44)

Formed 6 September 1944 at Soragna/NW of Parma (ex-Kommandierender General der deutschen Luftwaffe in Mittelitalien), and later reinforced with additional personnel from the disbanded 2. Fliegerdivision and Feldluftgaukdo. XXVIII. Assumed responsibility for the entire air war in Italy and for all Luftwaffe forces and activities in North Italy. Stab reported directly to OKL in Berlin.[1]

North Italy. (Sep 44 - May 45)

15 Sep 44: Stab transferred to Malcesine on Lake Garda and took over the buildings formerly occupied by Stab/Luftflotte 2, which had been ordered disbanded.

Oct 44 – Apr 45: Stab remained at Malcesine, but had an Aussenstelle (branch) at Munich-Riem.

Apr 45: some accounts state that the Stab moved to Melvano in April, but this has not been confirmed.

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