Kommandierender General der deutschen Luftwaffe in Ungarn

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Kommandierender General der deutschen Luftwaffe in Ungarn

(FpN: L 54000)

Kommandierender General:

Gen.Lt. Kuno Heribert Fütterer (c. 1 Apr 44 - 13 Dec 44?)

Subordinate Commands and Units:

Ln.-Abt. 84

Formation. (Apr 44)

Formed 1 April 1944 in Budapest (ex-General der deutschen Luftwaffe in Ungarn). Responsible for all Luftwaffe forces and activities in Hungary, and then in western Hungary under Luftflotte 4 after the country became a war zone in August 1944.[1]

Hungary. (Apr 44 - Dec 44)

25 Aug 44: Stab in Budapest - strength given at 111 officers and 168 men.

13 Dec 44: ordered disbanded with personnel to be used to form a planned Luftgaukdo. XV for Bohemia-Moravia (central and western Czechoslovakia), but this was not carried out. In the general confusion of the final months of the war, it appears that the Stab remained in existence, probably under the informal designation Luftgaukdo. Ungarn.

3 May 45: Stab/Komm.Gen.d.dt.Lw. in Ungarn at Schwanenstadt/SW of Wels in North Austria being disbanded under Luftflotte 6.

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