Kommodore der Ergänzungs-Aufklärungsgruppen

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Kommodore der Ergänzungs-Aufklärungsgruppen

KStN: 1421 (L)


Believed established around 1 April 1942 as a Stab to exercise command and control over the Erg.Nahaufklärungsgruppe and the Erg.Fernaufklärungsgruppe which were set up at approximately the same time. Place of formation and wartime locations have not been definitively determined, although it is known to have been located in Posen (Poznan)/NW Poland on 9 June 1944. Stab renamed Stab/Erg.Aufklärungsgeschwader 1 on 8 January 1945. [1]

FpN: Stab/Kdore.d.Erg.Aufklärungsgruppen (none found)


Oberst Heinrich Bues (6/43 - ? )

Oberst Roman Schneider ( ? - 12/44?) 2/44, 6/44

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