Kurierkette Norwegen

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Kurierkette Norwegen

Was formed in 1941 and was later redesignated as Kurierkette Lappland in June 1941 at Petsamo, Finland.

It was assigned the operational code '1R' (Staffel letter H) and remained at Petsamo, which was its main base, from June 1941 to April 1943.

The Kette also frequently flew out of Rovaniemi, Kestenga and Taivaleski, Finland and was called a variety of names including Kurierkette b.AOK Norwegen, Kurierkette b.Ob.Kdo.XX Gebirgsarmee, and Kurierkette b.AOK 20 Lappland.

A single loss was recorded on 22 Nov 1941 when Fi 156 (W.Nr. 5314) made a forced landing at Mikkeli in SE Finland.

It was disbanded on 16 November 1944 at Bardufoss in northern Norway after having left Finland on 26 October 1944. [1]

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