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Introductory Note:

These formations of generally 3 aircraft were too small to be assigned unique Feldpost numbers and, accordingly, are difficult to trace through the surviving documents. The information provided below comes from a single published source (see footnote) and has not been corroborated. The list is not complete and undoubtedly there were a few more of them. [1]

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Kurierkette Norwegen

Kurierkette/Luftwaffen Kdo.Italien

Kurierkette/Panzergruppe 2

Kurierkette/Panzergruppe 4


  1. Rosch, Barry C. Luftwaffe Support Units: Units, Aircraft, Emblems and Markings 1933-1945. Luftwaffe Colours/Classic Colours series. Hersham: Ian Allan Publishing, 2009. ISBN: (10) 1 903223 64 4.

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