Kurierstaffel A

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Kurierstaffel A

Formation. (1942)

Formed late spring/early summer 1942 in South Russia (at Simferopol/Crimea?) for attachment to Heeresgruppe A (ordered formed April 1942 for the offensive toward Stalingrad and into North Caucasia). Only a single loss entry was found for this Staffel. On 6 Oct 43 (and still based at Simferopol?), it reported a Fi 156 force landed in Planquadrat 3716 (Crimea) due to engine failure and damaged 30%. A day of two later it was renamed 11./Fliegerverbindungsgeschwader 2.[1]

FpN:(L 49150) Staffelkapitän:

Hptm. Hermann Becker ( ? - ? ) 1942-43

Also see (in: “Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries”, at website www.ww2.dk)

(none found)

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