Kurierstaffel Afrika

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Kurierstaffel Afrika

also as:Kurierstaffel z.b.V. d.Lw.
Kurierstaffel z.b.V. Afrika
Kurierstaffel Fliegerführer Afrika
Kurierstaffel (trop) Afrika

Formation. (c. Mar 41)

Formed on or about March 1941 in Germany for employment in North Africa.[1]

North Africa. (Mar 41 - Feb 43)

Apr-Aug 41: its home field was initially at Ain el Gazala/120 km WNW of Tobruk, according to a secondary source which requires corroboration. [2]

5 Apr 41: He 111 (NG+IP) force landed in enemy territory near Tobruk, 100%, 5 MIA.[3]

13 Jun 41: rear detachment at Tripoli-Mellaha.[4]

20 Jun 41: existence noted in Fliegerführer strength returns, but no aircraft types or figures give.[5]

14 Jul 41: at Ain el Gazala.[6]

9 Aug 41: He 111 H-5 (W.Nr. 4085) (VG+ES) crashed at Ain el Gazala, 100%, Hptm. Josef Mies (pilot) Oblt. Karl Pfefferer (observer) and the remaining crew member all killed. [7]

27 Oct 41: a man belonging to the Staffel reported injured in a crash at Arezzo/C Italy.

14 Nov 41: a man belonging to the Staffel reported WIA during an enemy air attack on Fp. Derna/145 km NW of Tobruk.

17 Dec 41: Ju 52 bombed on the ground at Benghazi, 100%.

20 Dec 41: Bf 108 destroyed by a sandstorm at Agedabia/150 km S of Benghazi, 100%.

28 Jan 42: 2 Fi 156s strafed on the ground at Msus by enemy fighters, 100% and 20%.

21 Mar 42: Fi 156 crashed near Fp. Derna due to engine trouble, 20%.

1 Jul 42: He 111 P-2 force landed near El Daba/140 km WSW of Alexandria, 20%, 1 injured.

1 Jul 42: He 111 P-2 damaged its undercarriage landing in the desert near Benina, 20%.

Aug 42: the Staffel’s home field was again (or still was) at Derna, according to a published source. [8]

8 Aug 42: He 111 bombed on the ground during enemy attack on Fp. Qutaifiyah (Quteifiya)/68 km WNW of El Alamein in western Egypt, 100%.

28 Sep 42: Caudron C 445 force landed in the desert at Siwa Oasis/290 km SW of Mersa Matruh.

5 Nov 42: unserviceable C 445 blown up at Marsa Matruh to prevent capture, 100%.

11 Nov 42: Ju 52 struck an obstacle at Fp. Berca-West/10 km S of Benghazi, 10%.

21 Nov 42: Ju 52 reduced to salvage during a low-level Allied attack on a fieldstrip at Medenine/68 km SE of Gabes in Tunisia, 80%.

20 Jan 43: Ju 52 blown up at Bir el Ghnem (Tripoli area?) to prevent capture, 100%.

Feb 43: ordered disbanded.[9]

May 43: according to another account, the Staffel remnants left Tunisia for Sicily just a few days prior to the German surrender in Africa and then was ordered from Sicily to Wiener-Neustadt/Austria in June where its remaining assets were used in the formation of Kurierstaffel 13 on 19 June. [10]

FpN:(L 01505)


Hptm. Karl-Heinz Guhl ( ? - ? ) 5/42

Also see (in: “Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries”, at website www.ww2.dk)

(none found)

JUNGHANSS, Werner. Lt. Beobachter (observer). MIA

MIES, Josef. Oblt. Pilot. KIA.

PFEFFERER, Karl. Oblt.d.R. Beobachter (observer). KIA.

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