Kurierstaffel I. Fliegerkorps

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Kurierstaffel I. Fliegerkorps

Formation and History. (Jun 41? - Nov 41?)

No information other that the following Loss Report entries. It is highly likely that this is actually one of the Kurierstaffeln that carry an Arabic number, but which one has not yet been determined.

North Russia.

9 Jul 41: He 72 crashed near Kedainiai/Lithuania due to pilot error, 80%, 1 injured.[1]

24 Jul 41: Fw 58 crashed at Fp. Pskov due to technical difficulties, 25%.

12 Oct 41: Go 145 bombed on the ground at Fp. Gostkino, 10%.

5 Nov 41: a man belonging to the Staffel reported WIA at Fp. Gostkino.


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