Kurierstaffel Norwegen

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Kurierstaffel Norwegen

Details unknown and confirmation of its existence under this designation is needed. The Staffel is mentioned once in a reliable document as being in Norway on 31 May 1944 with 8 x Ju 52, 6 x He 111, 1 x Do 217, 1 x Si 204, 1 x Bf 109F and 3 x Fi 156 on strength. However, no FpN was ever issued for it which leads to the suspicion that it may actually be a mislabeling for (1) 4./Fliegerverbindungsgeschwader 2, or (2) Verbindungsstaffel Norwegen mit Flugbereitschaft z.b.V./Fliegerverbindungsgeschwader 2.[1]


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