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Kurierstaffel OKW

Formation. (Aug 39)

Ordered formed (mobilized) c. 26 August 1939 at Berlin to provide the courier needs for Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (the supreme command of the German Armed Forces). Over the course of its existence, it was assigned Fieseler Fi 156, Junkers Ju 52/3m and Siebel Si 204 aircraft. During the first half of 1943 (April?), it’s designation was changed to Kurierstaffel OKW d.Lw. Around 20 April 1945, as Russian forces closed on the city, the Staffel was ordered to transfer to Neuruppin and then to Flensburg where it surrendered to Allied forces on or about 8 May 1945. Note: although this Kurierstaffel definitely existed according to the Feldpostübersicht, the information set down here comes from a single published source since nothing was found by the author in the German documents. [1]

FpN:(L 27147)


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