Kurierstaffel Südost

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Kurierstaffel Südost

Also as: Kurierstaffel F

Formation. (c. Aug 43?)

There is very little information on this Staffel aside from its Feldpost entry in the Feldpostübersicht (Field Postal Directory). It appears to have been formed at Athens/Greece in conjunction with the establishment of a second Heeresgruppe in the Balkans around August 1943. Prior to that date, the theater courier unit was Kurierstaffel F, and it was from this that Kur.St. Südost was formed. From Aug 43 forward, H.Gr. F in Belgrade became the supreme theater command while H.Gr. E in Salonika became responsible for just Greece and the Aegean area. Kurierstaffel Südost was assigned to Heeresgruppe E, and between 1 and 16 October 1943 it was renamed 16./Fliegerverbindungsgeschwader 2.[1]

FpN:(L 50660)


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