Kurierstaffel d. Deutsche Waffen-Stillstandskommission

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Kurierstaffel d. Deutsche Waffen-Stillstandskommission

Formation and History. (c. Jul 40 - Nov 42)

A non-military courier unit formed to transport inspectors of the Armistice Commission to French North Africa and to carry mail. The majority of the flights operated between the Commission's headquarters in Wiesbaden and Marseilles, Algiers, Oran, Marrakesh, and Casablanca, but other aircraft maintained a regular service between Wiesbaden and Paris, with some flights to Vichy. The Staffel headquarters was in Casablanca until June 1942, and then moved to Wiesbaden. From summer 1940 to summer 1941 the Staffel only had three Ju 52s taken over from Lufthansa, but this was then raised to a strength of 11 aircraft: 7 He 111s (D-ACLY, D-ACLQ, D-ACLX, D-ACLZ, D-APSE, D-ARAE, D-ARAJ) and 4 Ju 52s (D-AQOE, D-ARZK, D-ADHF, D-AURE}. One Ju 52 was supposedly shot down by the British in June 1941, and between then and November 1942 2 He 111s and two more Ju 52s were lost to enemy action or seriously damaged in accidents. Hptm. Schröder, the Staka, was the only Luftwaffe officer in the Staffel; all of the others were Lufthansa Flugkapitäne (Lörzinger. Christ, and others). The Allied invasion of North Africa on 7 November 1942 brought a halt to the Staffel's activities. The remnants of the Staffel were later assembled at Istres in South France and on the authority of Luftflotte 3 renamed Aufklärungsstaffel Schröder.[1]



Hptm. Schröder ( ? - ? ) 1942

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