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Lufttransportstaffel (See) 222

(Unit Code X4+)

Formation. (Dec 41)

Formed on or about 9 December 1941 at Travemünde using all or parts of Luftverkehrsstaffel (See), which had been established earlier the same year at Travemünde. On formation, and for the following few weeks, it may have been (erroneously?) designated Luftverkehrsstaffel C.[1]

Mediterranean and North Africa. (Jan 42 - Mar 43)

Jan – Apr 42: while Lufttransportstaffel (See) 222 V3 (a separate unit – see there) began flying the first BV 222 transport flights in the Mediterranean, the larger (and expanding) Lufttransportstaffel (See) 222 took its flying boats to Hamburg to have MG 81 and MG 131 weapon stations installed.[2]

Apr – May 42: now fit for operations, two BV 222s (later 6) were deployed to the Mediterranean and began flying supplies to German forces in North Africa from Taranto/S Italy, Athens-Phaleron and Suda Bay/Crete under the control of the several Lufttransportführer staffs in the Mediterranean theater. The missions were usually to Tobruk and Derna in Cyrenaica where the big flying boats loaded up with wounded for the return flight.[3]

Oct 42: after 4 to 5 months of continuous service in the Mediterranean, the Staffel returned to Travemünde to have the BV 222s overhauled.[4]

Nov 42: returned to Italy and from 13 to 20 November took part in the transport of personnel to Bizerta (Bizerte)/Tunisia in the initial buildup of Axis forces following Allied landings in Morocco and Algeria on 7/8 November (Operation “Torch”). From 21 November the Staffel began flying supplies to Tripoli/Libya.[5]

24 Nov 42: BV 222 V6 (X4+FH) shot down by RAF fighters south of the island of Pantelleria (between Sicily and Tunisia) while on a flight from Tripoli to Taranto, 100%, 1 KIA and 7 MIA from the crew, plus 50 passengers MIA.[6] This was the Staffel’s first loss to enemy action.

24 Nov 42: BV 222 crashed south of Taranto after an engine caught fire, 40%.

25 Nov 42: BV 222 force landed south of Taranto due to engine failure, 15%.

10 Dec 42: BV 222 V8 (X4+HH) shot down by RAF Beaufighters while on a flight from Taranto to Tripoli, 100%, Oblt. Heinz Mrochen + 8 KIA, 4 passengers KIA. After this loss, no more flights were made from Taranto to Tripoli. All subsequent flights were from Taranto to Suda Bay, and then from 17 December Athens-Phaleron to Suda Bay.[7]

1 Feb 43: BV 222 V1 crashed at Athens-Phaleron due to pilot error while attempting to make a night landing. The hull was punctured and the passenger/cargo deck flooded. The crew suffered 1 KIA and 1 WIA, but 39 passengers drown. Of the survivors, 11 were injured. The flying boat was listed at 30% damaged and later pulled from the water.[8]

19 Feb 43: due to rapidly increasing Allied air superiority and the total loss of two flying boats in November and December, the Staffel with its 4 remaining BV 222s (V2, V3, V4 and V5) departed Taranto for Travemünde, but while en-route it was diverted and ordered to the Black Sea to help fly supplies into the Taman Peninsula in North Caucasia. However, before any of these missions could be flown, the order was cancelled and the Staffel got under way once again for Travemünde.[9]

22 Feb 43: BV 222 damaged at Travemünde due to engine failure, 15%.

25 Feb 43: following discussions between Ob.d.L., OKM and the Führer, it was decided to convert the Staffel into a long-range maritime reconnaissance unit for use over the Atlantic from a based in western France. Work began immediately at Travemünde to install new defensive armament, special radio equipment, maritime radar, and to outfit the flying boats for the dispensing of radio transmitter buoys used to mark convoy targets for U-boats.[10]

10 Mar 43: ordered renamed Aufklärungsfliegerstaffel (See) 222.[11]

FpN:(L 46701)


Hptm. Fritz? Führer (May 42 - 10 Mar 43) 7/42, 10/42

Also see:

BLUME, Walter, Oblt./Hptm.

FEHRENBACH, Karl, Oblt.(Kr.O.). MIA.

FEITMEYER, Walter, Hptm. KIA.

HASENBERG, Bernhard, Oblt.

KNACKFUSS, Walter, Lt.

MÖHRING (MÖHRINGER?), Friedrich(?), Oblt.

MROCHEN, Heinz (Werner?), Oblt. KIA.


SCHRAMM, Willi, Lt.(Kr.O.).



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