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Lufttransportstaffel (See) 222 V3

Formation and History. (Dec 41 - May 43)

Formed (new) 9 December 1941 at Travemünde with a single BV 222 flying boat, the V3. Between January and March 1942, it flew 21 supply flights between Taranto/S Italy and Tripoli/Libya. Still with this single flying boat, the “Staffel” transferred to the seaplane anchorage at Biscarrosse on the southwest coast of France in May 1942. On arrival it was attached to 3./Küstenfliegergruppe 406 under Fliegerführer Atlantik for use in long-range maritime reconnaissance operations. The “Staffel” never had more than the one BV 222. A year later, in May 1943, in was joined by Aufklärungsfliegerstaffel (See) 222 and incorporated into it.[1]

FpN:(L 49038)


Oblt./Hptm. Fritz(?) Führer? (10 Jan 42 - 5 Mar 42)

Oblt./Hptm. Friedrich(?) Möhring (Möhringer?) (5 Mar 42 - 10 Aug 42)

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