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Luftnachtrichten Abteilung 100

Dec 1938 - Formed from 7 and * Kompanien of Luftnachtrichten Schul und Versuchs Abteilung.

Commanded by Maj. Busch.

25 Dec 1938 - Fewer than 20 of the aircraft (Ju 52/3ms) operated by 7 and 8 Komp. were equipped with X-verfahren and at this stage there were only eight groundstations available for operation.

Early 1939 - Received the first He 111s to replace 8 Komp.'s Ju 52/3ms.

4 Jul 1939 - An order (RLM65/10) introduced a new code structure for Luftwaffe aircraft and Ln.Abt. 100 were issued the code "6N". Ln.Abt.100 took to displaying the individual aircraft letter on the leading edge of both wings and at the top of the fin.

Training/Practice sorties, using X-Verfahren equipment, were conducted up until the outbreak of war.

13 Aug 1939 - from this time forward the practice flights became more frequent - 11 sorties were flown, by some crews, over a period of five days. These were flown from Gelnhausen (nr. Frankfurt/Main) to a bombing range on a lake to the east of Stettin.

Sep 1939 - Ln. Abt. 100 was declared operational for the attack on Poland and was described as a "Kampfgruppe Für Sondereinsätze" (Bomber Wing for special Operations) - it came under the direct control of Ob.d.L.

At this time 7 Komp. was operating 12 Ju 52/3ms while 8 Komp. had 8 He 111Hs. There were eight X-Beam transmitters set up on high ground. These were located at Wendelstein, Gmunderberg, Kohlreitberg, Michelsberg, hesselberg, Ochsenkopf, Petersburg,and also near Tannenburg (East Prussia).

Operations were flownfrom Köthen against ammunition dumps,bridges and troop concentrations. Sorties were also flown at night against targets in Warsaw, Deblin and Lublin. Most of these sorties were conducted using X-Verfahren.

End Sep 1939 - The units organisation now ressembled a normal Kampfgruppe.

Stab./Ln.Abt. 100 - 2 He 111H

1./Ln.Abt. 100 (formally 7.Komp.) - Still operating Ju 52/3ms.

Early Oct 1939 - 1. Komp replacement of Ju 52/3ms, with He 111H, commenced.

14 Oct 1939 - as installation of the X-Gerät was completed and 1. Komp.s Ju 52/3ms were finally replaced.

Stab./ Ln. Abt. 100 - One He 111H and one Do 17U.

1. and 2. Komp. each operated twelve He 111H.

In addition there were ten additional, non-operational, Ju 52/3ms on strength.

18 Nov 1939 - Ln. Abt. 100 renamed as KGr. 100.


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