Luftbeobachterstaffel 2

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Luftbeobachterstaffel 2

Formation. (Oct 43)

Ordered formed October 1943 at Stade/35 km WNW of Hamburg.[1]

North Germany. (Oct 43 - Sep 44)

Dec 43: Stade under 2. Jagddivision and attached to NJG 3.

Feb 44: Stade under 2.Jagd-Div.

22 Feb 44 : on the third day of "Big Week", the U.S. 8th AAF offensive against the German aircraft industry, the Staffel lost Ju 88C-6 shot down by a B-17 near Kassel with 2 crew KIA and 1 WIA during intercept operations against attacks on fighter plants in Central Germany.

24 Feb 44: 8th AAF attacks on aircraft plants in N and C Germany - Staffel lost Bf 110F-4 (KF+FF) shot down at Erfurt with l crew member KIA and 1 WIA.

6 Mar 44: 8th AAF Berlin mission - Staffel claimed 1 B-24 without loss.

Mar 44: at Stade.

21 Apr 44: Staffel’s Feldpostnummer issued this date.

22 Apr 44: Ju 88C-6 (D5+CY) shot down near Stade, 3 KIA.

22 Apr 44: Ju 88C-6 (D5+EY) strafed by U.S. fighters while taxiing at Fp. Stade, 1 KIA.

25 May 44: Stade.

28 Jun 44: transferred to Venlo and remained there to 20 July.

Jul 44: ordered disbanded in late July with assets to be given to IV./NJG 3.

Sep 44: disbanded in accordance with July OKL disbandment order for all Luftbeobachterstaffeln.

19 Oct 44: Staffel’s Feldpostnummer deleted this date.

FpN:(L 61331)


(not identified)

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