Luftbeobachterstaffel 3

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Luftbeobachterstaffel 3

(Unit Code: A4+)

Formation. (Oct 43)

Ordered formed 16(?) October 1943 at Venlo/Holland.[1]

Holland and Northwest Germany. (Oct 43 - Sep 44)

16 Oct 43: at Venlo under 3. Jagddivision.

10 Dec 43: noted as being “in formation” at Venlo/Holland.

20 Dec 43: Staffel claimed 2 Lancasters in the Koblenz area between 2015 and 2030 hrs.

15 Jan 44: at Venlo, but also using Deelen.

Feb 44: based in the Holland-Ruhr area, mainly at Venlo, under 3. Jagd-Div.

6 Mar 44: Staffel’s Feldpostnummer issued this date.

18 Mar 44: still at Venlo, but believed to have departed this date.

25 May 44: now at Deelen.

Jul 44: ordered disbanded in late July by OKL.

Sep 44: Staffel’s personnel and assets incorporated into 9./NJG 2.

FpN:(L 50820)


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WURTZ, (?), Lt.

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